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Monday, May 29, 2023

Green Planet Astronauts chalked up 1 million euros to its promising plant-based food brand

A million euro funds for Green Planet Astronauts, a plant-based food brand brings joy to those who adopt planet-friendly lifestyles and worry about the future of children. This is a big hurrah for the sake of all veggies’ dreams. Green Planet Astronauts plays its part by providing sustainable products for kids to build a more habitable planet.

Now, it is a bigger deal with the help of many well-known investors. These investments may unlock the market network for sustainable product brands. The concerns may ease with these investments since the ultimate question is what will happen to our kids in the future if we cannot keep the planet together. Well, let the anxiety go away. Investors come to invest!

green planet astronauts

A small step for the business, a giant leap for the planet

Green Planet Astronauts have made considerable progress throughout their business life. It made a good profit by comparison with the last year’s. They have expanded their team and hired top-notch people. It also went for a new e-commerce platform. The company adopts a new but strong market strategy as well. Despite these developments of the company, less would expect this much interest in investing in their business. Yet, the investors particularly found it invest-worthy because of those details.

wolt's invest to green planet astronauts“Green Planet Astronauts has an excellent team of talented people who have achieved great results in a competitive market in a very short period of time,” pointed out Pétas, the co-founder of Wolt.


Green Planet Astronauts tries to sustain a healthier life for the kids and to create a better future for all. They produce plant-based products for kids. The aim is to build enough space for them to adopt the mindset. Growing into a world full of possibilities enables them to normalize sustainable food consumption. Recently, it has also turned many of the most prominent investors’ attention to make more investments in the plant-based world. The co-founder of Wolt, Oskari Pétas is one of them. Heino Group and Kale United also dive in.

For the sake of the future of children

The company’s founder, Milla Westerling, runs the company to provide services for children which are divine targets considering the Picky Eaters Kingdom of some. The aim of the company is seen. The future represents itself as kids right now. Each action will affect the future. So, Green Planet Company takes a long way to make the planet healthier. The concerns about the earth and life reflect on children so that many investors decided to make contributions. Recent research on plant-based diets has been on board for a while as well.

“It’s great that our mission to raise a planet-friendly generation is appealing not only to the consumers but also to investors. Many of our investors have children and they have a need to build something meaningful for the future of their kids. Now that the Finnish business is in strong growth, we will next start opening new markets,” says Milla Westerling.

Green Planet Astronauts


Green Planet Astronauts plays its role to create a new normal for young minds. Yet, these investments show that plant-based products are now under the spotlight. It may help reduce carbon footprint and many other concerns about the future of the planet. It would not be a surprise to see an expansion in the market network for sustainable brands in the near future. The company itself is already planning to launch a new market in Sweden but this time, it will be direct to the customer. As known, Sweden was familiar with their products since they have been reaching there through Amazon.

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