Graduateland Is The Career Portal For Recent Graduates

    In our past coverage of Graduateland as part of their winning the popular vote at the Arctic15, we took a look at some aspects of how Graduateland assists the job search ecosystem. For employers the Danish company offers Graduateland Recruiter, a free solution that allows employers to target and find fresh graduates to hire. We also covered Graduateland Gateway, a free plugin for universities’ career pages that provides an end to end solution to help get their graduates hired. But on the other side of the coin, now we’re going to look at what features are available to students, and how it affects their job search.

    The first things students may notice is the easy sign-in through Facebook or LinkedIn, which helps by grabbing the easy information used to build a student profile on Graduateland. Once inside the system you can upload a picture and add your skills and experience, which can be used by employers to find you. Students can also upload their own external CV.

    Students on Graduateland can search for open positions by employer, or by several criteria. A great feature offered on Graduateland is the job agent, which allows students to keep an open search of jobs by keyword, location, job type, position, and so on. Results show up on your Dashboard. It makes the process so much easier than going to the same job search websites and filling in the same keywords over and over again.

    Employers can target students’ profiles by keyword, as well as contact students in some circumstances– depending on what job search campaign they’re running.

    Graduateland is free to use for any student by going to, but the service may also be offered at your university through your university’s official career portal. Graduateland houses europe’s largest collection of recent graduates, so it pays to be where employers are looking for you.

    This article is part of a series of sponsored posts for Graduateland as a prize for winning the popular vote at the Arctic15