Seedcamp London has just announced the 20 teams it will invite to the one day event that will try to connect them to investors, mentors and advisors from their network. From Northern Europe, only two companies made the finalists – GrabCAD from Estonia and Huikea Experience from Finland.

The one day event in London, held on the 25th of January, is one of the most sought after start-up events in Europe. This year, Seedcamp received applications from around the world.

The day is built around a competition. However, you’ve most likely already won if you made it to the finalists in the form of advice, support from the mentors and potential connections to investors. If you however manage to win the competition, you will have an aim at an investment from Seedcamp. The investment is 50 000€ and for that Seedcamp will usually receive 8 to 10 percent of your equity. Fair deal for an early stage company.

We’ll keep in touch with Huikea and GrabCAD as they are in London next week to write about the experience and what they really got out of the one day event.