GP Bullhound & MOOR invest $2.2 Million into Goo Technologies

    Stockholm’s Goo Technologies announced Friday that they picked up a $2.2 million seed round led by Kaj Hed’s MOOR Capital and GP Bullhound’s Sidecar Fund. Previously Goo raised something like a seed round led by MOOR Capital, however the numbers of that round were not shared.

    As we’ve covered recently, Goo was founded to extend WebGL into gaming, the most obvious use of WebGL 3D graphics capabilities, but pivoted their product into a platform for building rich advertisements. Since then they’ve had clients like Nike, Aftonbladet, and other large brands and media companies using their platform to create 3D advertisements.

    Goo’s technology promises more than just a new era of Flash advertisements. For the world cup, Nike used Goo Create to build a “take a photo of your favorite player” web application that users could then share on social media, driving that social vitality that every advertiser is looking for. While that type of advertising doesn’t feel much like an ad, Aftonbladet used WebGL to take over the borders of their articles into a swooping cityscape that grabbed your attention much more than a static image.

    A good overview of the company can be found in our September 2014 coverage of Goo Technologies.