GoWorkABit break into Seedcamp

    Estonian start up GoWorkABit has entered Seedcamp, successfully pitching themselves at the first Seedcamp event of 2014 in London. They were competing against 19 other start ups from across Europe for one of the coveted eight places available, and were the only Baltic startup to make it.

    First of all, for those who might not be familiar with Seedcamp it is the premier coaching program for aspirational start ups. With a massive wealth of knowledge and experience amongst their mentors and its ability to open a direct route to seed and venture capital, getting into the program can be a huge boost for any start up looking to take their business to the next level.

    On the other side of this piece of news GoWorkABit are a small team from Estonia who have built a start up that looks to match the needs of businesses with the desires of workers. They have recognised the desire of many workers to work in odd patterns or at odd times to fit in with the other requirements in life. A lot of people these days prioritise a number of things over having a career, but the desire to work, and the need to support themselves require us still to do something to earn our way in life.

    So GoWorkABit act as a middleman, collecting information about the needs of businesses for workers who can fill certain hours and match them with workers who have said that they are available to work during those times. It seems like a simple and wonderfully straightforward relationship.

    We look forward to hearing more about their progress in Seedcamp and where they will head in the future off the back of the mentoring and support they will receive.