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Got a taste for Coding? Academy opens for applications.

Finnish ICT association TIVIA recently revealed that Finland will suffer from a deficit of 15,000 coders by 2020. According to Tivia’s calculations, 7,000 new software professionals will be needed in Finland and in the coming years the need will increase by up to 3,800 people a year. But no need to worry – it may never happen. The solution is coming from Sweden.

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Swedish education company Academy, which launched in 2015, is now expanding into Finland. Academy has developed a concept for intensive IT educations based on the US methodology called Accelerated Learning, often used at coding bootcamps. Based on the latest brain research, it has proven again and again to increase learning effectiveness while saving time and money in the process.

“You should not look at what you did yesterday, look at what you could do tomorrow.”

During three months the participants will learn Java, as well as object orientation, backend & frontend – databases and UX, and more. They also learn soft skills as project methods, presentation skills and agile methodologies.

After the program the participants have at least 500 hours of actual coding experience and are ready to take on the role as junior IT-consultants. Upon completing the program all participants are offered employment as IT consultants with Academy’s sister company Academic Work.

“Everyone selected to the program is guaranteed a permanent position at Academic Work. In this way we are motivated to deliver the best training results. We work with external consultants with both hands-on and academic background to ensure our students get the best programming education. Our mentors are experienced and motivated to give back to developer community.” – said Micael Holmström, CEO at Academy.

Almost 1,000 people submitted their applications, once the program was launched in Finland, which shows that the demand for quality coding education is high. The program starts in September and is free of charge.

The application process is open. So if coding is your cup of tea and you are passionate about the process, apply here


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