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Anil Hansjee, the director in charge of Google’s acquisitions, has given an interview to Swedish Dagens Industri about their recent acquisitions. In the interview Hansjee says that they’ve gone through their 70 recent acquisitions and how they’ve been able to integrate the business into Google’s. One of the takeaways from the interview is that, they failed to integrate Jaiku into Google’s strategy.

“We valued from the organisation competencies for a few years, but then we changed our strategy regarding microblogs exactly at the time when Twitter started gaining a lot of interest”, Hansjee explains in the Dagens Industri interview.

Google has done relatively well with its acquisitions. From the 70 or so that they went through, less than 10 were considered unsuccessful. From the geographic area, Sweden has been a bright spot for Google. They recently acquired Global IP Solutions, as well as Marratech and Trendalyzer in 2007.

Hansjee says that there are three things that make Sweden an attractive market for Google, the quality universities, active venture capitalists and the legacy of Ericsson.

Source: Kauppalehti

Image by Jyri Engeström

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