'Google Analytics Data Grabber' Automates Flexible Reports

    If you work with web analytics, you know how time consuming it can be to do all the manual work behind getting your data the way you need it. This can mean logging into multiple accounts, copy/pasting into an Excel file, and then messing with Excel formulas because you didn’t add everything in correctly. If you’re compiling reports spread across dozens or hundreds of sites, you can easily see the value in the Helsinki-based tool, GA Data Grabber.

    GA Data Grabber is a report automation tool for Excel that grabs data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, and Microsoft adCenter. It’s designed to be easy enough for non-technical users, yet flexible enough for power users. You can plot any metrics and dimensions you wish, and with GA Data Grabber you’re not constrained to a set of predefined dashboards. Everything happens in Excel, so it’s easy for you to customize the charts and add formulas to calculate your own KPIs based on the metrics GA Data Grabber fetches. On top of that, it allows logging in simultaneously with multiple user accounts, and combining data over user accounts

    Its flexibility and features have placed it as an Editor’s Pick in the Google Analytics App Gallery, and on top of that, PBS’ user case and their company’s birth story have been featured on the Google Analytics blog.

    GA Data Graber is part of MT Analytics, which was founded in 2010 by Mikael Thuneberg.