Telecom services company Uros partners with Vodafone

The goal of the partnership is to expand Goodspeed internet service coverage globally.

Oulu-based telecom services company Uros announced today that they’re partnering with Vodafone Roaming Services. The cooperation enables expanding the service footprint of Goodspeed – A low-cost, high speed and mobile Wi-Fi hotspot solution. Through the partnership, Uros will use Vodafone’s and its roaming partners’ networks around the world.

“With Vodafone contributing to our global footprint, we can be sure our customers can connect confidently wherever they go. We believe this agreement is a great step forward in our mission to remove issues related to international data roaming,” says Tommi Uhari, the CEO of Uros.

Goodspeed mobile broadband helps companies to overcome mobile connectivity challenges, and it enables international travellers to create a private WLAN network and share the connection with all devices with Wi-Fi. The service works in up to ten SIM cards at a time which includes the user’s own SIMs, and it has a fixed fee which ensures that the connected traveller knows exactly how much using the network costs.

Expanding through the partnership

Uros launched Goodspeed in autumn 2012, and it covers areas in Europe, U.S., Canada, Latin America, Russia, Asia, Australia and China. Now in the first stage of the expansion with Vodafone, the roaming destinations will be increased to a total of 77.

Twelve new Goodspeed destinations will be launched already in July 2015, as the coverage will be widened in Europe, Africa as well as New Zealand. In Europe destinations such as Albania, Malta, Romania and Turkey will be added to the service. Africa’s new destinations are Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania.

According to Uros, more destinations will be included as the partnership with Vodafone will be developed further.