GoMore Reaches 200,000 Members

    More big news for GoMore, Denmark’s largest platform for private car hire and car pooling. Afterrevolutionizing car ownership last month, the company have just reached the 200,000 member mark. The company receives on average 15,000 members per month and numbers continue to soar.

    So much so that GoMore’s co-founder and current CEO Matias Dalsgaard is certain this is the first of many milestones the company will reach:

    “I am pleased that so many Danes use GoMore. Our concept is based on a need to leverage our existing resources better when it comes to transportation. The idea is not new, but it has only become possible to practice over the past year as social media and mobile platforms have become widespread. The long term plan is for Danes to instinctively check GoMore on their phone when they require transportation or are able to offer a ride. I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to get five million users in Denmark. “

    For the time being, GoMore is setting its sights on dominating mobile platforms, with a new version of their iPhone app in the pipeline and a new Android app to follow thereafter.

    This article is in collaboration with Øresund Startups, originally by Emily Christiansen. Øresund Startups is a news site focusing on startups in Copenhagen and the other cities around the Øresund strait; Malmö, Helsingborg and Lund. It was initiated by Karsten Deppert and covers news about startups and events from the startup scene. You can follow them at @Oresundstartups.