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A Finnish startup by the name of GoAct, has released a new way to organise your days activities. Plango is a social, mobile calendar app that changes the way we think about our traditional calendars. Not in the sense that it completely changes it, but more like adds a useful social approach to it all. If you think about it, the most advanced features embedding social in calendar applications has been the possibility to invite attendees and share events – something many would consider seriously outdated in comparison to the advances we’re seeing elsewhere. Plango tackles this challenge head on, in an interesting manner.

Petri Sakkinen, CEO of GoAct, said he “wants Plango to be a full calendar replacement for Facebook users.” Users log in with their Facebook credentials and can invite their friends to events with the application. The application nicely ties in venues and events, enabling users to set up events at different venues. Furthermore, users can view their planned events on a map view and see where they need to be when.

In addition to simply creating and sharing events in a new way, attendees of different events are able to communicate through the app in a way that benefits everyone. Users are able to add messages to the event “wall” and attendees of the events will receive a notification either through the app or an SMS.

GoAct recently raised $500K in seed funding from Esther Dyson, and seven Finnish business angels as well as the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES).

The application is available for iPhone users and online as a web service. There are plans to build an Android App in the future.

Below is a video showing the application and a few screenshots.

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