Go Watch Copenhagen Suborbitals Test The World's Largest Amateur Rocket

    If you woke up this Monday morning thinking for one second that life sucks because you gotta get up to do work, you’re wrong. This life is amazing because you’re invited over to watch a test of the world’s largest amateur rocket engine with good folks over at Copenhagen Suborbitals, who are testing their HEAT 2X booster on March 1st.

    The booster engine they’re testing measures over 10 meters tall (as seen as that big tube in the picture) and will burn a full load of 1,200 kilograms of propellant. Unlike their launch tests this rocket will be bolted down to a thick slab of concrete where spectators will be able to witness plenty of fire, smoke, and loud noises as the Copenhagen Suborbitals team takes some measurements.

    They warn that rocket tests are prone to delays, but T-0 is scheduled for 14:00 on March 1st and doors will open at 12:30. Meanwhile you’ll be able to munch on special rocket sausages, talk to other supporters, and afterwards, if the test goes well, attendees will be able to check out the used rocket close up.

    The event is free for Copenhagen Suborbitals supporters, and everyone else can grab a ticket for dkr 100. That being said we encourage you to become a paying member of Copenhagen Suborbitals, because these guys are living the hacker mentality – scraping together what they can with the goal of shooting someone up into space. Unlike governments or the massively funded private endeavors, these guys are out there just seeing if they can do it. This is the future of space exploration.

    Also if there are any WordPress experts in the region that have some interest in rockets leaving the earth, Copenhagen Suborbitals is looking for someone to help redesign and maintain their website, which looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2001. The same could also be said for ArcticStartup, so uhh, get in touch with us too.