Helsinki’s Glue adds avatars to its collaboration platform

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Helsinki-headquartered Glue Collaboration rolled out on Tuesday AI-powered avatars in its VR collaboration platform.

“Alongside a new operating system with speech-to-text capabilities, we’re introducing our ground-breaking new avatars. Everything adds up to our most immersive VR meetings yet, providing a space for remote workers to effectively collaborate even when they’re thousands of miles apart,” said Jussi Havu, CEO, Glue Collaboration.

The expressive avatars are created in partnership with Edinburgh-based Rapport, a pioneer in facial animation and lip-syncing technology that works with some of the world’s leading animation and gaming studios, Glue said in a statement.

“We worked with Glue to enable facial animation that looks as natural as possible and is generated in real-time from audio input alone,” said Gregor Hofer, CEO and Founder at Rapport. “We’re especially delighted with the new Glue avatars as they exhibit a level of expressiveness that makes them highly engaging and compelling.”

Glue provides shared virtual environments where dispersed participants can come together as if they were face to face in a real physical space. Appealing to people’s visual, haptic and auditory senses, Glue provides a level of immersion in remote meetings simply not possible with conventional video conferencing software.

Glue’s clients include Axel Springer, BCG Platinion, T-Systems and Maillefer.