GigsWiz Does A Site Overhaul, Gets A Facelift

    GigsWiz, a Finnish startup that empowers artists to assist their promoters in selling more concert tickets online, revamped its site layout, making it way more interactive than the previous design. Moreover, as the blog post on the announcement of the new design claims, GigsWiz will soon release a ‘shell bomb behind the curtain’. While waiting for it to drop, it is worth taking a closer look at the new design. 

    The new look is more pleasant than the previous one. The content on the site is more readable with the right combination of colors and text size. Plus the homepage features neat sliding images summarizing the functionality of the site. If I were a first-time visitor, I would gladly wait and read through whatever is presented as it catches my eye. All of those components together explain how the site actually works and is useful in leveraging the social media contacts of the artist.

    Visitors are also given buttons on the right side to navigate through to the other sections of the site. For example you can click on “I am a Promoter” to be taken to the concerned page. Same goes when you hit the “I am an Artist” button. In case you are not aware how exactly to use GigsWiz, you can head over to “Who Am I?” button that takes you to a form where you can fill out the relevant information and GigsWiz does its best to use the clues and help you out.

    All in all, it is quite a nice change. Given that the startup caters for artists and music lovers, it is a must that they keep renovating their look and feel. GigsWiz  started their ticketing service in the US markets back in February 2011, along with being named the top 5 music 2.0 firms by the Guardian.