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Get your webstore running quicker than you can say MyCashflow

Talk about clear value proposition? How about getting your own webstore opened and running within one minute? That’s how it works with MyCashflow, a recently opened service for creating your own shop on the web.

With signing up, the Middle Finland-based company instantly sets you up with search engine optimized store including most usual payment methods, inventory management, and easy admin tool. The subscription-based plans range several options from free, max 10-product store, to an unlimited premium one currently priced at EUR 249/month.

The service is currently provided only in Finnish, but listen up as the co-founder Ismo Ruotsalainen tells more about the company.

1. Could you introduce briefly what MyCashflow is all about?

MyCashflow is an elegant webstore software designed for small businesses and web designers.

2. How do you position yourself against and differentiate from the
other webstore providers?

There are lots of differences. For example, you can open your own webstore in few seconds, but I think the most important ones are the admin interface and HTML/CSS themes.

The admin interface is practical and dead simple to use. We have been working hundreds of hours to improve workflow and productivity. We’ve got tons of great feedback about our admin interface – people really like to use it.

HTML/CSS themes are something what web designers really respect. Finally they can design premium quality webshops without any programming experience. They just embed codes like {ShoppingCart} into HTML-template.

3. Can you let us know what led you to the idea for MyCashflow?

There’s nothing particular. We have worked with webshops for a long time and the idea just evolved naturally. We noticed that there is a lot of need for improvements in the e-commerce software business and thought that we have a lot to give.

4. What have been the early successes and challenges with releasing your service?

We launched 2 months ago and there are 350 shops at a moment. Also web designers have been pleased to MyCashflow. There are now more than 10 marketing agencies that use our service. Whole thing has started well but there are still lots of things to do.

5. What can we expect from MyCashflow in the future? Are you going to release international versions?

MyCashflow is designed for the global market, that’s why the English name. We started with Finnish version on purpose, because we wanted to learn how to walk before running. Finland is like a beta-test or a dress rehearsal.

Global, multilingual version is a next big step. First step of testing starts in few weeks and we launch when we are ready.


Thanks Ismo, and good luck to MyCashflow with rolling out the service on a large scale! With all the talk regarding entrepreneurs and small businesses not utilizing web enough in their business, there should be healthy demand for a simple and fast to adapt no-nonsense solution.

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