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Swedish Sillens AB has developed a service called ShapeUp Club, which allows you to follow what you eat and also helps you lose weight through constant following of calories and your intake of food. I’m currently reading the new book by Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Body, which is a great way to cut down on bingeing around Christmas. One of the key messages of the book is that you need to measure certain metrics to be able to improve on them – something many entrepreneurs understand easily regarding online business. ShapeUp Club is a great tool in helping you understand and follow metrics on how your body reacts to what you eat and how you exercise.

ShapeUp Club can be used through your mobile (iPhone and Nokia versions supported) or through the website. The company has also provided a small monthly fee to help you sync your data between your mobile and the online service as well as receive the benefits of some other premium features. Monthly rates go from 5 euros for one month to 29 euros for 12 months with a 3 month period for 12 euros.

I gave the service a try, having been motivated by the 4 Hour Body. The service can be used basically in two ways; either to track what you put in your mouth or to help you in losing weight. The method is the same, but the goals differ. If you choose to lose weight, you’re able to enter your current weight and your target weight. The service then tells you how many calories you’re allowed to consume on a daily basis to reach your goal (at a certain weight loss rate).

The usability of the service is actually pretty good and it’s able to motivate you with different kinds of graphs and visualisations of data. The service also has a ton of different food types listed, so you’re able to click through to the ingredients you consume with your certain meal.

The advantage of using something like ShapeUp Club compared to some other similar services out there is simple and straight forward – ShapeUp Club uses the metric system, making it easy to enter the amounts of food and drinks you consume as well as the exercises you go through. DailyBurn, which is a similar service in the US only partially enables to use the metric system – making it very difficult for people on the old continent to use it without a hassle.

With about a day’s worth of testing with ShapeUp Club, I can say that it’s definitely an app/service worth giving a try if you’re into following your food intake and exercising. Being simple, easy to use and effective in what it tries to accomplish are promises its able to keep with ease.

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