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ArcticIndexThe second half of 2009 is well under way as the late comers have finally returned from their summer holidays and the focus is once again put back into work. While the economies around the world are showing slight rebound from the nasty recession, things are still uncertain. This however doesn’t seem to be the case with startups – the uncertainty has not startups all that hard, compared to the bigger giants. One proof of this is that many startups are still recruiting.

Talking about recruiting and working with startups – you really have to check out and be aware of our ArcticIndex. It’s a one stop shop for events, jobs, people and the companies working together in this field. For example, it seems that the Finnish game industry has been growing strong despite the recession. The Finnish game startup Everyplay is recruiting a Flash game programmer as well as a Java game server developer on our ArcticIndex job board for free.

Furthermore, we have also gathered quite a bit of interest from people organising events. We hope to be the one place to see what’s happening in the startup industry in terms of interesting conferences and events. You can check out the events on ArcticIndex for more information. There’s a lot of activity in the Nordics and Baltics happening this fall and we haven’t even added our ArcticEvenings in there yet!

About our ArcticEvenings, I’ll shed some light on the current plans and ideas. We will have four evenings this autumn around the Nordics. The plan is to have the first one in Helsinki in September, Iceland in October, Stockholm in November and either Oslo or Tallinn in December. We’re planning these as we speak and are looking for local sponsors and companies wanting to help us out in these locations. If you’d want to know more about helping organise one of these evenings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by e-mail.

So, if you haven’t added yourself and your startup to ArcticIndex yet – do so, you’ll also have better chances of getting noticed and written about on our blog. Also, if you’re organising startup related events in the Nordics and Baltics, don’t hesitate to add them to the events page and needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway – take advantage of our job board when recruiting, it’s totally free and you’re more likely to get startup minded people to the interviews.

What kind of expectations do you have for the autumn? Is something missing or is there too much of something?

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