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DIY genetic testing lived through a lot of buzz in the States in the recent years as one of the pioneers and most well known companies 23AndMe has just earlier this month raised $22 million in series C financing. Now, this industry has set foot in Finland with Geenitesti.fi opening shop earlier this week. The company has two DNA based tests available.

With Lactoguide, you’re able to see if you’ve genetic bias towards lactose intolerance and Tromboguide tells you a risk of coronary trombosis. Lactoguide costs 96€ and for Tromboguide you’ll have to dig your pockets for 119€. Geenitesti.fi works only to source the orders for the tests and the actual analysis of the tests is done in Estonia by Asper Biotech.

The process of going through the tests is somewhat similar to 23andme.com and does not require you to stick yourself with a needle to get a drop of blood out or anything. You order and pay for the test at geenitesti.fi and they’ll send you a testing package. In the package you’ll find a sample taker you need to rub that at the side of your mouth to collect saliva samples that you’ll then have to send back to the company. It’ll take them two to three weeks to send you back the details of the test.

Geenitesti.fi is a site by Genecodebook Oy, a Finnish company from Oulu. Niina Saarinen is the CEO and Joni Turunen is the Medical Director of operations. The company seems to be founded in March 2010. One of the interesting aspects of companies like this is that Genecodebook is essentially a sales organisation for Asper Biotech’s services and while doing so they’re able to structure the business in a very lean fashion.

This will certainly become a growing market in the future as people will (hopefully) become more interested in their health in a more proactive manner. While Geenitesti.fi charges for individual tests, 23andme.com keeps the customer relationship a lot more intimate by keeping the sample results and updating the customer of new test results as development continues.