Gemilo Social is a product created by the Tampere based Finnish startup, Gemilo. The product features a multitude of different possibilities, but the main focus of it is in improving organisational effectiveness and through that, productivity. Like its name, the product harnesses many social features and uses those so organisations can share documents, images and comment on those – taking communication away from e-mail. Also, at the core level, each user is given a “virtual desktop” as a window to use the service.

So what exactly is the service all about? At the core are the basic elements of it; virtual desktop, documents, images and commenting of these. In addition to this the user can choose from different tools that they need, based on their organisational requirements. Some of the tools mentioned on their website ( are blog, chat, newsletter tool, project management, group workspace, task management, worktime management, proposal requests and management and a lot more.

With this many questions, I have to ask – where is the focus? It seems to do everything from ironing my shirts in the morning to preparing coffee in the afternoon. Seriously speaking though, the repertoire of tools isn’t a problem for the average user as you only pay for what you use.

With this many features, you’re able to use Gemilo Social for your intranet needs or then use it as a CMS to help you keep your website up to date. It even delivers an extranet feature.

Gemilo Social’s pricing is threefold. At the core, is the Gemilo Social basic platform that costs you a 100€ a month. In addition to this, you have the tools to choose from that each cost 20€ per month. Thirdly, pricing is also dependent on how many users use the service – each user account costs 5€ per month.

It’s an interesting service and definitely something to compete with your traditional Google Apps offering. You can find the Gemilo Social available in English and Finnish.

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