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Gemilo's Reign of ElementsGemilo, a Finnish social media startup, has launched a Facebook application (or a game to be more precise) called Reign of Elements. The game was launched on 24th of October and in 4 days accumulated around 2200 members.

Gemilo activated 10 players of another game and gave them tools to create objects, weaponry, areas, enemies, etc. When the game launched, the crowdsourced designers had created an entire game on the platform that Gemilo provided. Furthermore, there is no common way to play the game as the designers and players themselves update a wiki where information on the game is shared.

The game seems to work pretty nicely and is a nicer form of text based RPG. There are small interesting details that add charm to the game, such as the slowly increasing stamina if you stay put. It will be interesting to see how the game takes off with the new Facebook design as I’m guessing the application usage in general has slowed down somewhat due to less visibility.

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