Geek Girl Meetup Gathers 100 Women To Talk About Tech

    ArcticStartup is joining Geek Girl Meetup as a media partner. Geek Girl Meetup is a Swedish unconference for women, by women, who are interested in technology, web, social media and entrepreneurship. The event takes place October 24-25 in Stockholm and is being organized for the second time despite its short existence. What started as a one day event for 50 participants in March has now turned into two day event with 100 women attending. And there’re still ladies on the waiting list!

    It all started back in January when the two co-founders Andie NordgrenRjDj, and Heidi Harman,, felt there should be a forum for all women to discuss and share their knowledge and interest in tech without being a minority like in most tech conferences. Due to its huge success in March the demand of having a new conferense has been overwhelming.

    Being an unconference it’s free of charge and the agenda is put together by the attendees themselves. Anyone who participates can hold a session about the subject of their choice they wish to share with others. The first Geek Girl Meetup included sessions about venture capital, online streaming, creating online services and a startup panel, to name a few.

    This time the agenda is filling up with sessions on entrepreneurship, hardware hacking, augmented reality and best practices in marketing in social media. Besides from all the session the two day event includes a new track: Geek Girl Hack Challenge. During the Geek Girl Hack Challenge one gets to build a site, a blog, a plugin or a web application. To support the challenge track there will be sessions on development tools like WordPress, Drupal, Django, Google App Engine, and Flash to mention some. The theme for the event is “The architechture of winning” giving the opportunity to discuss and share experiences about overcoming challenges.

    I will be covering the event and reporting on all the good stuff. For those of you who wish to follow the event in real-time, there’s of course a backchannel. The hashtag is #GGM09. Tune in on Saturday and Sunday October 24-25! Note. The Geek Girl Meetup will be held in Swedish.

    Until then, enjoy the Coder Girl!

    Disclosure: I’m a co-organizer of the Geek Girl Meetup