Releases A Number Of Browser Extensions, iOS App For Filesharing

    Some cool new integrations are coming out of, the Copenhagen-based file sharing startup. This week the company has released a new app for iOS, and has integrated the service into Twitter through their Chrome or Firefox extension. We haven’t covered in some time, which is a shame considering how smooth of a service it is for sharing a collection of files, or a file too big to email.

    The team has been busy. The iOS app and Twitter browser extension come off their August Chrome Exertions into Gmail and, which allow users to easily attach files that are larger than most email client’s 20MB file size limit. These extensions are pretty killer, because you can tweet or email your files immediately, even before you finish uploading.

    The new iPhone app is fairly simple, but smooth. It was designed to make it as easy as possible to upload and share collections of files from your phone (which are more than likely pictures). The app also makes it easy to access the files you have stored in your account, and share or download them as you need them. allows you to share files with strangers, but is also gives you additional benefits if you sign up for an account, such as more storage space. The basic plan gives you 2GB of storage, while premium accounts can give you 5, 40, and 100GB of storage for $5, $10, and $20/month respectively.

    “One cornerstone in our strategy is to follow our users and their demands. And I don’t have to look farther than my own sister to see that people want to share photos more easily via smartphones and Twitter. My sister can now share photos of my nephew without having to deal with the limitations of MMS and email,” Baunbæk said in their press release.

    The new iOS app can be found here, while more information about their browser extensions can be found on their blog.