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Garage48 is a boot camp style iniative to build new web services in just 48 hours. The concept has been a roaring success in Estonia, where it was started last year. This week, Garage48 announced that they’ll be opening a co-working space in Tallinn in December for all entrepreneurs to use. Not only is Garage48 opening a co-working space in Tallinn, they are also organising one of their boot camp style weekend events in Helsinki in January in co-operation with AaltoES. I talked to Ragnar Sass, one of the people behind the concept and what Garage48 HUB will be like when it opens.

Sass had been to many different places where co-working spaces existed. He realised the need for one after he visited Kenya this year, where they had IHub in Nairobi. When talking to his partners in Garage48, they all found out that everyone had had similar thoughts. Also, as one of the program’s core ideas is to do things fast – Garage48 HUB will be opened only after 2 weeks of the initial idea.

When I asked for some of the advantages why startups and entrepreneurs should be thinking of joining the HUB Sass replied that it’s all about the community. Working in the HUB will help entrepreneurs share experiences and have the feeling of being part of a larger startup community. I can agree to that whole heartedly.

Furthermore, one of the key reasons to put the HUB together was that there now is a central venue in Tallinn to host startup oriented events. One of the larger organisers of events, Estonian Startup Leaders Club, will also be hosting their events at the venue in the future.

Looking at the success of another co-working space in Helsinki, the Aalto Venture Garage, and what it has done to the entrepreneurship atmosphere among students – I can only agree that this is the right way to go. I for one am eagerly looking forward to visiting Garage48 HUB in Tallinn as soon as I have the chance to.

As mentioned earlier, Garage48 will now be hosting one of their events in Helsinki in January. The event is selling out relatively fast. They opened it up for registration only yesterday and already about 22 people signed up (including me). The tickets are only 25 euros and that will cover all the food for the weekend. I’ve only heard great things about the events in Tallinn and Tartu earlier, so I acted fast when I heard about the event coming to Helsinki. To get an idea what Garage48 events are all about, check out our previous post regarding the event in Tallinn.

Below are a few photos from the Garage48 HUB. It’s looking really fantastic.