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The Estonia based Garage48 is organising a music focused event in a couple of weeks in Tallinn together with the Tallinn Music Week. The event is held on the weekend between the 23rd and 25th of this month. Registration ends a week early on Sunday the 18th. The goal of the event is to make people focus on the potential of good services in the entertainment space.

Jüri Kaljundi, one of the people behind the successful events tells us “music and entertainment is our first try to do industry-specific events. We believe that the actual business problems are among the common people, non-tech crowds. Technology is just an enabler, so we want more people from other areas of life to come to the events to get their ideas executed. Focusing on real life problems is very important.”

The concept of the event is such that people all gather with certain backgrounds in one place to first promote their own ideas for music services and secondly, to pitch the idea to potential team members who would like to join the team. Once the teams are assembled the work begins. It continues through out the night until the demo night when the results of the work are shown to the audience.

The top five ideas will get to present at Tallinn Music Week, the annual festival and conference aimed for the industry leaders and opinion makers. A great way to get initial interest and traction for your idea.

“So why not grow the regional focus on one area and get people initially talking and getting to know each other.”

The event has already seen the project manager and marketer tickets being sold out, but there are still plenty of tickets available for designers, developers and front-end people – not to mention free tickets for the audience for the demo night.

Kaljundi also believes that Estonia could have a lot of upside in focusing in music. “Finland has a strong bunch of music startups. Sweden has had it’s success stories like Spotify and the Soundcloud founders. So why not grow the regional focus on one area and get people initially talking and getting to know each other. I see the future of this more as a potential focus area for years to come, that needs to be nurtured and grown. ”

The event also has three mentors who will be sharing their advice and experience with the teams. Chris Douridas, David Noël and Juuso Vermasheinä will be at the event mentoring. Douridas is a 2-time Grammy nominated music supervisor from Santa Monica. His work on American Beauty and Shrek 2 brought him the nominations. Noël is one of the early employees of Soundcloud, the hugely popular startup now located in Berlin (they’re originally from Sweden). Vermasheinä is the co-founder and CEO of Flockified, a service that we’ve also covered in the past.

I’ve also participated in one of the Garage48 events held in Helsinki a little over a year ago. The experience is one of a kind and a must for everyone interested in entrepreneurship.

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