A week ago, Tallinn hosted one very interesting startup event, Garage 48. Garage48 is an event organised by Estonian Startup Leaders Club. The event’s title hints at the concept. The event is organised over a 48 hour period during which the participants build and launch companies. A week ago, 16 startups were launched as a result of the 48 hour period.

The winner of the event was Kratid.com, a virtual pet service where users need to take care of the virtual pet and adhere to its needs. Not only is it a virtual pet service, but users are actually able to order “the pet” if they wish to do so. The site launched over the weekend during Garage48 and accepted more than 30 orders.

The audience choice at the event was Wannalunch.com. The service is ingenious – it’s a way to organise meetings on specific topics with people. All you need to do is add your topic, date and place.

All in all, the startups that launched at the event can be read about on the Garage48 website. Another Garage48 event is expected to be organised during autumn this year.