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Garage48 is an Estonian originated concept that is building up momentum nicely in the Nordics and Baltics. The event has been organised in Tallinn and Tartu previously and Helsinki will be its first international debut. Not a bad way to go abroad at all. Garage48 has had to make more tickets available a couple of times as people have been wanting to participate. The event will feature 51 Finns, 41 Estonians, 11 Latvians and a couple of individuals from the UK and USA participating in a 48 hour product development competition.

The event will start at 5.30pm on this Friday and will continue each day until midnight, to start again at 9am the next morning. These are the official working hours, but it’s not rare to see companies work through the night either.

We’ll be covering the event closely as the undersigned will also be participating in it. We’ll bring you short video updates through out the weekend as well as commentary on what teams are developing.

While the event itself is sold out, those interested, can sign-up for the demo day event free of charge. It is held on Sunday at 6pm at the Aalto Venture Garage.

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