Ganttic is a visual resource management tool from Estonia. The service was called Yutiti earlier when it was still in beta. The service is created by WoodWare Systems, founded in 2005 and the first version of the current service was brought out under the name Yutiti in 2008. Today however, Ganttic is out in the public since July 2010. The service is also betting heavily on visual aids to help plan resources, just as Microproject, another resource planning tool from Sweden we covered some time ago.

As the name implies, the service relies heavily on the Gantt charts and using those in a better fashion to understand the overall status of one’s projects. Some of the top reasons WoodWare Systems outlines for the use of Ganttic are multiuser collaboration, ultrafast implementation, custom reporting, visual scheduling and multiproject handling.

One of the reasons I’d like to add that Ganttic may be the right service for you, is also the price. For companies up to 5 users and 10 resources, the service will be free for life. If you grow a little from this, you still get away with cheap prices in my opinion. Above this, you’ll have to pay 0,69€ per user per month. That’s less than 10€ a year per user. Think about it – it’s nothing. This is also one of the reasons web apps like Ganttic are extremely interesting. They are super valuable, but also available for very little money.

To get a better understanding of Ganttic, you’re best headed to their tour page.

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