Gaming Fluid Dynamics with Sprinkle

Games, action, time-killers, fun – there are so many adjectives and verbs that can be instantly associated with games and gaming. With the rapid transformation of smartphones in the last 4 years, gaming turned out to be what it was never before. And this does not include the gaming consoles in the form of Xbox and the PlayStation.

We have seen how the Angry Birds became a sensation in mobile gaming, so much that it has had a movie around its theme, toys, board games, etc. That’s just one game that has done phenomenally well and there are others that enjoy success as well. We came to know about another game that takes advantage of features on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices called Sprinkle.

The game hails from Sweden and is about sprinkling water. Users make use of a water cannon that is mounted on a crane and requires users to adjust the angle and the height of the cannon to battle with the fires, activate traps and spin wheels. The idea is to achieve your target using the least amount of water: the more water you save, the more drops you get (wonder if the highest scorer is rewarded the Conservationist of the Year award?).

While the gameplay isn’t that tough to understand, what’s commendable is how realistic it feels: a lot of attention has been given to fluid dynamics to ensure that the flow of water is as real as possible. It is exactly this experience that makes the game addictive. What we weren’t able to find was the availability of a free and limited version of the game, which I think would have been a great advantage to increase the user-base, eventually having users pay for additional levels and features.

Sprinkle is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 4th generation and the Android Devices powered by the TEGRA processor. You can get yourself one at the App Store and the Android Market.