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Gamethon is an online skill gaming platform. Gamethon is a real money gaming app.
What is Real Money Gaming ?
Real money gaming is where player play online games and win real money.
To understand the real money gaming apps, let us first understand the existing online gaming apps. We find many online gaming apps for popular games like online Ludo game, online 8 Ball pool game, Online Uno card game, Solitaire game, 301 or 501 darts game, online soccer game and more. Users to play these games with coins and win coins. The players are allowed to use these coins to purchase additional game assets like, power-ups, skins, etc.

However the difference between Gamethon – a real money gaming app is that Gamethon has these similar games – online ludo game, a quick ludo game and ludo race, 8 ball pool game, online uno card game, online solitaire game, double solitaire game, 301 / 501 darts game, online soccer game and many more popular online games, but players win real money playing these games which they can redeem to their bank account.

Gamethon has these online games in two formats –
(1) Tournament –
Tournament formats has matches with a start date & time and an end date & time. Players can play unlimited times till the match is live. The player has an opportunity to improve his score each time he plays till the match is live, thus trying to improve his ranking.
Only the highest score of the player is recorded.
Once the tournament ends the players are ranked based on the highest scores they have achieved. The prize money is distributed based on the ranks achieved. The maximum money going to the top ranked player.
In tournament formats the prize pool and thus the money distributed increases with increase in the number of participants.
Gamethon popular game tournaments –
online 8 Ball pool Race – play against time and get maximus score, you get bonus for the time remaining.
online Solitaire game- Play online solitaire and get points for each event in the game. you can leave the game unfinished if you are in a hurry, your score till that point is recorded. Get time bonus for being the fastest.

2) Battle format –
Such formats are the popular One Vs One battles, where you play to beat the opponent and win real money. These type of games can be played any time anywhere and all the time as they don’t have start date & time and end date & time.
Here the winner takes all the prize money and is credited instantly to his wallet.
Gamethon popular game Battle –
8 Ball pool, online ludo, online quick ludo, online Ludo race, Solitaire game, online Uno cards game, Air-Battle game, dots and boxes game and more.

When players play and win real money on Gamethon, this money is seen added o their wallet. players can redeem this money directly to their bank account which is handled by Gamethon’s payment gateway partner.

Gamethon – real money skill gaming app is a fun destination where you play your popular games and boost your income too.

The Gamethon app is available on android platform. Gamethon android app can be downloaded from the website – https://www.gamethon.live
Visit our blog http://www.gamethon.live/playandwin/ for more updates and information

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