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Run by Finns, from all over the world, GamesMadeMe is looking to ride the HTML5 tech wave all the way. Their first game, Dollar Isle, is now out. There’s a lot more in the pipeline and we talked to Juha Paananen, one of the founders and also the CEO of the company, to learn more. Paananen himself lives in Singapore. He used to work there, but decided to start working with a startup as the chance came up. The company is relatively young, it was founded in May this year and it’s registered to Finland. They’ve also raised a small seed round from Lifeline Ventures.

According to Paananen, Dollar Isle is one of the first real cross browser games out there. This was at least the situation before the beginning of last week, when Facebook came out with updates to their platform and mobile apps. One of the first companies to launch a real cross browser app was Wooga, the German social games developer.

The goal of the game is simple and follows many of the similar games out there – build a booming town with limited resources. There aren’t too many new mind blowing features here, but what interests me in the equation is the platform Paananen mentioned to me briefly.

They’ve built a small platform which enables games to be built faster in the future. The platform will also enable other game developers to leverage their work and thus increase speed to market.

When I asked about Paananen if they had learnt any quick lessons from their beta launch already with Dollar Isle, he replied that virality is somewhat different with cross browser HTML5 games. The reason is simple, says Paananen, “users can pick up the game on whichever device they’re on – they don’t have to wait to get home to a computer”.

There are also other games in the pipeline and no plans have yet been released about publishing those. The games are utilising the new platform though and thus the speed to market would be a bit faster with GamesMadeMe than individual developers. GamesMadeMe is also looking for game developers to work with them, to leverage the platform.

The company, like many of its competitors, are looking for talented individuals to join their ranks. They’re even thinking of flying some of them to Singapore, which Paananen said is a pretty good competitive advantage over working in the Nordics during the winter time.

The company was founded by Juha Paananen, Henrik Karlström and Teemu Ikonen.

For those wanting to test the game out – use the following link, it’s valid for 50 sign-ups: http://dollarisle.com/beta/7fHLP

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