Game Analytics picks up a $5.5 million Series A

    Game Analytics doesn’t need much explanation, they’re one of those companies that do what they say on the box with a free game analytics platform for developers. Now they’ve announced they’ve picked up a $5.5 million Series A raised by Beta Angels and the new management team that has joined the company. Previously Game Analytics raised $2.5 million from Sunstone Capital, CrunchFund, Jimmy Maymann (CEO, Huffington Post) and René Rechmann (President, Maker Studio).

    With the funding round they’re bringing in some GoViral blood, which was sold to AOL for $96.7 million in 2011. Now Luke Aviet, former managing director of AOL, is serving as CEO, joined by Nick Roveta, former Head of Product and Partnerships at AOL as VP of Strategic Partnerships. Additionally Claus Moseholm, founder of GoViral is coming in as Chief Commercial Officer, who worked with Aviet and Roveta at GoViral.

    The new management team signifies the Copenhagen-based company is in a new chapter, likely as they search for a good revenue model as currently the platform has been building up its user base of developers as a free tool.

    Game analytics are a tricky industry to be in, as most smaller game developers can’t afford a high priced solution while the big players that have stayed at the top of the App Store charts for years have the resources to hack together a built-in analytic solution that’s exactly tailored to their needs.

    Still, its a competitive space with other local players, like Helsinki-based Omniata also fighting for users. With Game Analytics solution you can easily pop-in a few lines of code to start getting data on user acquisition, or tweak it a little more to get information on any game event or user path, giving you custom reports on whatever you need to know about how users are interacting with your game.

    “GameAnalytics’s growth has been incredible so far and we are well positioned to make an even greater contribution to the games industry,” explains CEO Luke Aviet. “the company is in a unique position to help with some of the games industry’s biggest challenges. Ultimately we are focused on providing game developers with clear insight and effective tools that maximise their games life cycle, enabling games developers to do what they do best – create great games.

    Game Analytics now employs 27 people with main offices in Copenhagen, a data engineering team in Berlin, and a commercial team in London.