FYI – Spotify's app works as a remote

    I accidentally found out that a major first-world problem of mine is solved and I want everyone to know it: you don’t need a fancy Apple TV or Sonos Speakers system to control Spotify from the couch (assuming you’ve got your apartment’s speakers plugged into your computer).

    Instead, all you have to do is have some music playing on your computer, open up Spotify’s app from your phone, and Spotify will ask you if you’d like to take control or just play music locally.

    It works like you’d hope it would work with the only downside seeming to be that you can’t control the volume through your phone.

    Doing some research it seems Spotify released this feature November 7th but if they publicized it much I missed it. Spotify Connect currently only works for Android and iOS phones.

    Below is the video found on the Spotify Connect page. Have any other Spotify tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments!