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Fuugo is a new kind of television product created by Axel Technologies, a company based in Turku. You can’t really call Axel Technologies a startup as it has been registered way back in 1988. However, Fuugo is a very interesting concept that requires more analysis into it. Fuugo claims to be the next generation TV application for mobile and handheld devices.

The application pulls in content from many different sources to create a new watching experience. It pulls in content from broadcast TV, mobile TV, Internet TV and on-demand video services. It blends all this together with social media services and even includes functions such as recording (at least according to the promotional video).

There are two things in my opinion which make Fuugo a very interesting concept. The first one is that it seems they are able to tap into the advantages of watching television on a mobile device without carrying onward too many legacy factors from other channels. By this I mean that you are able to watch content from any source whenever you wish. Secondly, the point that has already made many television services unappealing is the factor of national borders. Content is heavily restricted on many levels and if Fuugo is able to crack this issue to the favor of consumers they are well on their way to success. They claim the service will be global from the start so you’ll be able to watch what you want, wherever you want.

Fuugo is currently looking for beta testers. They will get access to the service in April and Fuugo aims to become commercially available during the second half of 2010.