Shattered HorizonThe Finnish company Futuremark, who has been previously known to be the leader in 3D, mobile and PC benchmarking, has released a game called Shattered Horizon on Steam. The company has been around since 1997 and was previously known as Mad Onion. Benchmarking is the practice of determining the capabilities of graphical processors in different computer environments. Futuremark has released annually new releases of their 3DMark to test each new feature of the cards to determine how well they run.

Futuremark has now moved into the gaming space with Shattered Horizon. The game has been in the making during the recent years and has now been released for distribution on Steam. The company has been designing the game with the knowledge it has built over the years regarding 3D games and applications. Therefore the graphical details of the game have been defined to the max.

Another issue worth mentioning is the fact that Futuremark has pulled this off without any venture financing. Anyone with a slight understanding of the games industry knows how hard it is to create quality games with a limited budget. Futuremark has funded the game with their revenues, which in 2008 were 4,7 million euros with a 10% profit margin. The game development can be seen clearly in their 2007 financial statement when they made a 918k€ loss.

The game is now available on Steam for $19,95 and the very early reviews of the game are positive. I had a look at the game trailers myself and I have to say it looks good. Nevertheless, a very interesting time for Futuremark for sure.

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