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Futureful Unveils Predictive Browser For iPad

One launch at Slush I was particularly interested in is Futureful. For some time I’ve been hearing rumors the company was something really innovative in artificial intelligence and web browsing. Marko Anderson, the co-founder of Futureful presented the product on stage and announced their Seed round led by Janus Friis, the founder of Kazaa and Skype.

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Essentially, Futureful has invented an intelligent browser for the iPad. The service finds out the topics you’re interested in by plugging into your Twitter account, for example, and then scrolling topics slowly across the top of the browser. Once one or many topics are selected, you just drag down to find a new article on the topics you’ve selected.

A big reason this is helpful is that typing isn’t fun on tablet devices. Instead of typing and searching for things, topics you’re interested in are already in front of you.

Anderson calls it a new way to discover things. “Every time it’s something new. It’s different from search, you never see the same content again.”

Futureful has been working on the concept for over two years, because they want the concept to be as simple and fluid as possible. Anderson went through their team’s background, and it looks like they have some smart people working on their artificial intelligence that predicts articles and topics for you.

In all, it looks like a great way to find interesting articles on your iPad – perfect for morning coffee. Futureful be available the in the app store January 2013.

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