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Futureful is a Finnish, research based startup that is developing a predictive discovery engine. In essence, they want to help you discover more interesting content on the internet, based on your behaviour and liking. The company was founded by Marko Anderson and Jarno Koponen and they pitch themselves as “imagine if Hunch and Flipboard bootstrapped a lovechild.”

Futureful is still very much in stealth mode as they are still developing the service for consumers and enterprise applications. The company however, did secure funding and a struck a co-operative deal with Aalto University on developing the concept further and commercializing it. Funding originates from the government backed Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation).

Futureful is currently developing the version 3.0 of their product. First two versions have been sort of prototypes to take the concept into reality. Another way to understand what Futureful is up to is to look at the evolution of discovery. At first there were web portals, then came search, followed by social graphs (like that of Facebook news feed) and next? Futureful’s betting big on predictive discovery.

Another point worth noting out from this story is that Futureful is indeed a creation of the initial plans of what the Finnish innovation ecosystem wants to achieve on a university level – create companies through research. I’m hoping Aalto University will be able to set a great benchmark of their capabilities with Futureful.

Below is a short presentation explaining their concept and what they are trying to achieve.

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