Furtiv is a Finnish mobile app developer that has just launched a photography app called Fotogram. The app is very similar to Hipstamatic, created for the iPhone. In essence, you’re able to assign a set of filters for your photos. We haven’t seen too many photo apps coming out from this region so Fotogram is a nice addition to the pack. The app is currently only available for the Symbian platform on Nokia phones. The company has also launched quite a few other plugins that enable users to upload their images and videos to photo sharing services online.

The app integrates currently to the camera application on the Nokia phone. The user is able to add special filters to the image, that create ageing effects to the images. Below are a few examples from their website.

The 1985 filter in use.

The 1973 filter in use.

There’s something that makes Furtiv an interesting company, it’s giving all its plugins away for free (although Fotogram costs 2€). On its website, Furtiv states that it is trying to create a platform and then sell that to businesses, looking to leverage its userbase. Businesses can include operators, media companies (promoting their own photo sharing services) as well as social networks. However, the launch of Fotogram as a paid app might signal a change in strategy – it’s easier to get the money from users directly instead of selling those contacts to third parties.