Funderbeam wants to bring investing to the bitcoin age

    Funderbeam announces launching a blockchain-based funding platform for startup investments.

    Funderbeam – an Estonian company offering startup data-intelligence services for private investors – announced syndication and trading platform for startup investments on the company blog.

    “If investors can create or join syndicates to fund startups, they should also be able to easily sell their stake(s). Such liquidity is not available right now.”

    The syndication and trading platforms will add ‘two more legs’ on Funderbeam’s service selection, Ruusalepp describes to us. Ruusalepp says that these three together will create a beautiful combination of useful data for both investors and early stage startups.

    “The goal is to make cross-border investing in startups more easy, transparent and understandable as startup investments have been the most ‘closed’ investment type so far. There’s a need to make the market more effective,” says Ruusalepp.

    “We have a team with background in stock exchange and financing, so we have first hand experience of how investment markets could be changed in the future – And we’re excited to see if blockchain technology will be a good solution for that,” Ruusalepp continues.

    Funderbeam adds two action layers to the current startup data platform: syndication and trading.

    The first syndicates on the platform will be created in September and the beta version will be launched in late Autumn, Ruusalepp estimates.

    “We’re taking one step and syndicate at a time, since it’s a long journey ahead of us in this highly regulated market,” says Ruusalepp and points out that the regulations have to be in line with the technology.

    While getting ready to start the platform, Ruusalepp wants to invite interested lead investors and early stage startups to join Funderbeam in this journey of taking investing to the bitcoin age.

    You’ll also find more information about the platforms at Funderbeam’s blog.