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Fruugo, the mysterious Finnish startup, has approached us with 5 SIME HKI tickets that will be given out to Finnish startups (1 per startup). We have written about SIME previously as well.

However, this time – there’s no big catch to these tickets. All you have to do is be a Finnish entrepreneur and explain in a few sentences in the comments why you’d deserve these tickets – you’ll have time until 6PM EET today Monday 15th September 6pm EET Friday 12th September 10 EET. We’ll draw out 5 companies with the best explanations and send your details to Fruugo (so make sure your contact details are correct in the comments).

The simple message from Fruugo is that they want to support the start-up scene in Finland by providing access to 5 start-ups to the most interesting event in Helsinki.

Good luck!

Update: Major apologies with the mix-up in dates – last deadline ever, tomorrow morning. 🙂

Update 2: Since we only got 4 participants, we’ll direct those contact details to Fruugo – congrats to the winners 🙂

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