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From Gadget To A Partner: How Wearables Shape New Models of Living

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We may unwittingly commit a sweet and gentle crime every day – eat anything in sight late at night (or at least those fried potatoes) while finishing a work deadline, skip breakfast trying to pay back that high-calorie food sin, give up the morning run trying to escape that awful rain, sit too much during the office hours without realising the damage of a sedentary way of working and so on and so on.

The experts call such situations “lifestyle diseases”, or the diseases when you have a choice to do a right and healthy thing but, honestly, chose not to.

Here is where wearables may give us therapy and shape new models for our living.

The market numbers add to the wearable therapy irresistible fascination: the wearable tech market is expected to explode from $12 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2019, according to CCS Insight.

Nowadays there are different wearable devices that help us to be in touch with ourselves. They monitor activity, sleep patterns, body temperature, heart rate, hydration level and more. Some of them, like Fitbit, are tickling the data (numbers about us) into meaningful insights to help us understand how our everyday actions influence our health. For instance, realizing the damage of sedentary lifestyle, Fitbit motivates you to make extra 10 steps to beat your 10 000 steps challenge.

Has the quest for self-optimization and data-tracking taken you? Is your way of living resembles a “data-driven lifestyle”? Do you use digital technologies to nudge yourself into running more, exercising more and achieving yours “best self”?

Help us to find out how wearables rebrand the way we exercise and live. Take our 7 minute survey to share your own experience with wearables. We’ll pay attention to details and share the results with you.

Stay tuned and be healthy!

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