From Backyard to Backpack – Tespack Brings Solar Cell Energy into Wearable Items

    Editor’s note: This article is by Chris Moore, our new intern at ArcticStartup.

    Solar panels are becoming a common sight on rooftops but Finnish startup Tespack have brought the concept of wearable solar charging to the mass market. With a product line that appeals to outdoor adventurers and cyclists, Tespack is aiming to crack the highly profitable and growing markets in the Americas and Europe.

    Previously the company has worked towards developing energy regulators for both wind and solar applications. By taking what’s commonly seen as a highly complicated process of obtaining renewable energy and simplifying it, they’ve enabled users to pick up a bag and start using it straight away.

    The modern day thrill-seeker heading into the great outdoors wont leave the house without their smartphone, always ready for those awesome, in-the-moment Instagram posts. With this in mind Tespack has combined the power of solar energy with a portable battery pack allowing for an on-the-go recharging facility. This might sound familiar to those who have experienced portable charging, however advances in technology have brought us closer to the point where we can now wear the technology embedded within a backpack rather than carry an additional device. People love having their connected life at hand and for years many companies have tried to present solutions to keeping them fully charged whilst on the go. The Tespack approach differs in that the device is simply a solar panel that slides comfortably into a backpack, along with a battery. The company has taken a simple, holistic approach to product design in order to provide the highest quality and durability possible.

    The current range of backpacks come in varying designs and sizes, and depending on the specific backpack model a user could expect a charge of three to five hours for a laptop, or up to ten charges for a mobile device. Given the size of the solar panel itself there is nothing else on the market and with the panels interchangeable it gives more flexibility to the user if the panel were to become damaged. Price could be considered an issue but a start-up company like Tespack has an exciting opportunity to establish their brand on the same premium level as their technology.

    The merging of outdoor equipment and renewable energy isn’t an easy task, especially when targeting the consumer who demands a reliable, quality product. Solar powered technology has attracted a lot of scepticism in the past, but with further efforts into the research and development of how to capture and redistribute that energy in a more efficient manner, Tespack has been able to diversify in an organic manner, growing their product line to suit the needs of their users. It’ll be interesting to see where they take their technology moving forward, but for those who anticipate the need for on-the-go power the Tespack range is certainly a place to start.