Friday’s Weekly Wrap-ups Back on Track

An exceptional workday demands for an exceptional update. While we’re waiting for the soon-to-be MVO pizza party, we decided its time to smash you in the face with the latest news, events and job promotions that have reached our editorial ears during the week.

Editor’s note: Mad props to our intern Rafael for his photo editing skills. To make it clear, we don’t pay him for his photoshop skills… actually we don’t pay him at all.

Editor’s note 2: Yet.


Finnish search engine AddSearch has made it to the Big Data & Enterprise finals in the accelerator contest South By Southwest. They’re certainly in for a though pitch!

Game developing company King goes for the corporate demi-god title by trying to trademark the word candy. More opposition has and will ensue.

Lastly, Linda Liukas’ more than adorable project has charmed the world web into kickstarting her programming book for kids over her goals in a matter of hours. The idea rocks, so consider making a donation if you haven’t already!


24th of January – The Moscow Founder Institute Information Session takes place today at Digital October for those who’re interested in launching their startup in Moscow. If you just wanna party, head on straight to the Moscow Founder Night Out!

3rd of February – Java developers should join the Vaadin Meetup Cruise, leaving from Turku. The cruise will act as the pre-party for the major Java community conference Jfokus, which takes place between 3rd-5th of February in Stockholm.

12th of February – Need funding? If yes, you might find the BAF Live! at the British Embassy (Helsinki) more than interesting. Pitching will be included, so if you wanna register your moment on stage, you need to act fast!


As you can see from the list below, Helsinki is crawling with job offers. Time to pack and move to the Finn capital, unless you’re here already!

Mall management company HyperIn is looking for an operations specialist

Attention hackers, SC5 Online is on the look for a lead frontend developer

Mobile developer Qvik has several positions available. Summer mobile developer interns, mobile developers and marketing managers are encouraged to seek audience with Qvik by following the links above.

The University of applied sciences Haaga-Helia has an open fixed term position for a talented StartUp Coach. If you have what it takes to help students found businesses and teach them some valuable life lessons at the same time, you’re the man/woman for the job!

That’s it for now, the ArcticStartup teams wishes you an awesome week-end!