Friday Wrap Up: The Economist Recognized The ArcticStartup Region

    Those of you that know us, also know that we regularly read The Economist. It is gets delivered straight to our door steps after all. In fact it is one of the most respected publications here at ArcticStartup. So when the Arcticstartup region was covered in The Economist the other day, we were extremely happy. There is even a HN Discussion here about the article.

    This is good news for the region and good news for Arcticstartup, as hopefully a lot more people will recognize our region and the “Arctic Valley” after the magazine is distributed worldwide. It was especially nice to be called a “celebratory blog” by The Economist themselves. Anyhow, enough about us, this week we have plenty of news, links and a whooping 16 new jobs.

    Wired reports on Finland’s open government movement.

    The Wall Street Journal asks: Pokemon or Startup at the Europas? In all fairness, startup names are ridiculous. Back in the day you see a company named “Standard Oil”, you know what it does.

    The WSJ talks Nokia’s cash situation.

    GateMe has won Seedcamp, but we are waiting for the details still.


    If you feel like going for a cruise, check out the Vaadin Meetup on the 4th of February.

    You should check out the Technopolis Business Breakfast if you are in Tampere on the 8th of February.


    Seems like our Jobs board is becoming rather popular ever since we started promoting jobs, we have a total of 16 new jobs for you:

    Eniram needs a product manager – Helsinki

    Akvo needs a Dev Ops Engineer – Amsterdam, London, Stockholm

    Tolq needs 2 Sales Development Engineers (Outbound and Inbound) as well as a BizDev Manager – Anywhere

    Exvo needs a Web Copywriter (Hmm, maybe Arcticstartup should apply) and UI Developer – Anywhere

    AlphaSense needs a Junior Java Developer, Java Developer and a Senior Sotware Engineer – Helsinki

    Tuxera is looking for an Android Mobile Developer – Helsinki

    Fingertip want a UI UX Designer – Helsinki

    SolArch needs a Mobile/Web SW developer – Helsinki

    Milk+Chocolate wouldn’t mind a Web developer – Helsinki

    Frosmo needs a Sales Manager in Stockholm – Stockholm

    Eniram could use a Commissioning Engineer – Helsinki