Friday Wrap-up (And Deadline For Arctic15 Volunteers Approaching!)

    Just as the reds and yellows mark the change of the seasons, the Friday Wrap-up marks the week’s transition to the weekend. Or something like that. We’ve got a jam-packed wrap-up full of news, jobs, and events to keep on your radar, so get your reading glasses on, you’ll need em’.

    Also as a reminder, the deadline for volunteer positions to the Arctic15 is this Sunday, so send your application! It’s a fun way to work with great people and see our awesome conference behind the scenes. Be apart of it here!

    CTO Kai Hannonen shares his Sofanatics shutdown story.

    Icelandic Datamarket is presenting their product at the White House for their Energy Datapalooza.

    For their sake I hope QR codes aren’t a passing fad, The WSJ reports that some Danes are putting QR codes on their gravestones.

    We don’t cover the semiconductor scene, but Norway-based launched recently. They have patents for producing semi-conductors based on graphen, which allows for components of smaller sizes (down to 1 atom). The company was spun out of the university NTNU with

    The new CEO of SmartAD is Alex Timofeyev, who was once the Chairman of the Board of Forticom, who managed and other operations in Latvia.

    Guidepal is celebrating in Stockholm as they soon hit 1 million registered users.

    Volvo is advertising their new trucks on Ebay to reach truckers. Money quote: “They have limited media exposure while they’re driving. But one is is sure: they most certainly aren’t pinning pictures of spare tires.”

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    The Arctic15 is less than a month away! Check out that hot lineup and get your tickets here.

    Data folks, developers, and designers: Sign up for our data hackathon here! Prize money is €3 000 to keep things interesting.

    Today is the last day to get your earlybird tickets to MoneyTalks Forum in Espoo!

    Saturday is the Encounters Transmedia Hackathon up in Oulu, Finland.

    September 24: Geeks on a Plane Tallinn Garage48 Networking Party Garage48 Tallinn

    Septembeber 26: Lean Startup workshop Copenhagen

    September 27: Startup Sisters with ThingLink and Grand Cru founders Helsinki

    October 1: StartSmart Execute4Success: conference & lean start-up workshop. Tallinn

    October 3: MindTrek festival. Tampere, Finland.

    We are looking for Volunteers for the Arctic15!

    Holvi is looking for a Lead Frontend Developer in Helsinki

    Tolq is looking for a Interaction Designer (with HTML/CSS) and Ruby on Rails Developer in Den Haag

    Wall of Sport could use a Technical Guru in Finland

    MusicLogg needs a MARKET AND COMMERCIALIZATION DEVELOPER (engineering or business major), a MOBILE SOFTWARE-DEVELOPER, and WEB-DEVELOPER in Espoo.

    Stockholm-based Tink needs a Backend Developer/Data Scientist, Mobile Frontend Developer, and Web Frontend Developer.