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Friday Wrap Up

Hey! It’s Friday and here’s our roundup of news, jobs and events from the region. Man, we’ve been promoting the Arctic15 a lot in the last month, but only because we’re super excited to be throwing it next week. We hope to see you all there! Grab a ticket if you haven’t already!

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Top story is the International Day for Failure happening tomorrow. The event has it’s roots in Finland, in response to Finns trouble of taking risks for fear of the social stigma of failure. I hope everyone fails tomorrow!

It’s pretty much a confirmed rumor is that Rovio is in production on a feature length Angry Birds film. Rovio also picked up Marvel chairman David Maisel, the executive producer of Iron Man 2, Thor, etc.

Angry Birds + Star Wars is now a thing. I don’t get it, but sure there’s money in cross licensing and merchandising.

Kim Dotcom confirmed in a brief telephone interview with AP that he’s almost completed work on “new Mega” and “Megabox” but said he doesn’t want to divulge details ahead of a major press launch.

Events coming up:

Tomorrow: Tampere goes agile

Tomorrow: Take a Leap: Join a Startup (Discussion + Job Market)

October 15: SomePitching.com Business Idea Competition Helsinki

October 16: Innovation Pub Night: What makes Silicon Valley tick? Oslo

*October 16: Oohack Hackathon 1

*October 17: Arctic15 – CXO/Investor Day

*October 18: The Arctic15 – Get Your Ticket Now!

Jobs Posted This Past Week:
Darwin is looking for a UX Developer, Android Developer, and Back-end Developer – Stockholm.

Webvolunteering is looking for a CEO/Owner (?) Helsinki.

Thinglink needs a Trainee in the Art and Design team – Helsinki

Dingle is looking for a Android Mobile App Developer and iOS Mobile App Developer – Helsinki

Freespee could use a Sales & Marketing Coordinator and Director of Engineering in Uppsala, fresh after their €3.3 m round.

Applifier wouldn’t mind a Senior Test Engineer – Helsinki

Startup Life is promoting their Internships in NYC and Silicon Valley for European students.

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