Friday Wrap Up

    So normally we have a couple news links, but this week we are chock-full with some interesting articles on the Nordics and Baltics. That’s good news on its own, but there are also a lot of great events coming up to check out as well. Have a good weekend everyone!

    Pulitzer-level reporting from America’s most rational news source: Powerful ‘Flame’ cyberweapon tied to popular Angry Birds game.

    Tõnu Runnel, CEO of Tallinn-based Edicy, on the European Cookies law: “We will be ignoring the law as it is stupid to the core.” – WSJ

    I nearly starved to death last weekend. This handy tool lets you know if the stores in Hesinki are open. Or, just let you know that you will be hungry all day.

    Here’s Tuomas Rinta of Applifier’s slides on lean growth, originally presented at the Scandinavian Agile Conference.

    Spotify Co-Founder Daniel Ek explains his approach to building products to solve problems.

    Vkontakte founder throws paper planes full of money out the window, causing chaos in the streets during celebrations of St. Petersburg’s birthday party.

    The Royal Pingdom points out that Finland, while a tiny country, is Windows Phone’s strongest market.

    This is news from April, but we noticed a Finnish company is behind the next-generation e-ink.

    Wrapp hits the top social networking app in the U.S. app store.

    World to NYC is a free program run tailored to assist international tech firms expand their businesses to New York City. Could be interesting to some of you out there.

    June 1st: Android Aalto Gaming Hackathon

    June 4th: Welcome to Founders’ Week feat. Minister Alex Stubb

    June 6th: Norwegian Developers Conference

    June 6th: Startup Helsinki Meetup

    June 6th: BEACHBOOST2012 in Kalajoki, Finland

    June 7th: Latitude59 Tallinn

    June 7th: Startup Sauna Demo day


    Lots of Helsinki-based jobs from Senseg, LiveMusicStage, and Kiosked. Check them out on our free jobs board.

    Top image by NS Newsflash