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Friday Drinkz? Anyone?

“No great story ever started with someone getting a salad.”

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Danish startup Drinkz will launch this weekend in Berlin its drinking app, linking top-of-the-range cocktail bars and guests. After last week launch in Copenhagen it has already more than 2,000 downloads and some 20 venues listed.

Drinkz which uses mobile payment and GPS among other technological features, plans to launch in five more cities, including Milan and Los Angeles, before summer.

“We only target people and bars that appreciate exclusive experiences. That might make some people raise their eyebrows, but we have grown tired of discount cultures,” Casper Adelsten, co-founder of Drinkz, said in a statement.

Drinkz makes its profits by taking a small cut of the sales price of a cocktail or coffee. In return, the platform lets nightclubs and bars promote new drinks or events to users of the app.

“Users get lots of information, convenience and service, while research shows that bartenders spend 30% of their time taking orders and payments, which our app eliminates,” Adelsten said.

Drinkz allows users to order and pay for cocktails or coffees without standing in line and redeem the drink by showing the screen to the bartender. Furthermore, Drinkz will guide you to the closest cocktail bar via geotracking, which is particularly useful when you’re abroad.

It hopes to attract cafés and cocktail bars through saving bartenders and staff working time — 30% of it is used on taking orders and payments.

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