Friday Chart: Local Games in Google Search Trends

    Here’s a few charts to check out: how Nordic mobile games rank up against each other in Google’s search results.

    After a first glance at the numbers it’s good not to confuse straight Google search volume with popularity. Players of Helsinki-based Supercell’s Clash of Clans have to employ strategies to defend their town and to attack opposing clans. Savvy players might pull up Google occasionally to see what techniques are out there for town defense.

    Alternatively Supercell’s other hit title, Hay Day, requires basically zero strategy. You plant crops and swipe over to collect them, occasionally trading your overload of eggs to the NPCs at the market (if I remember the two months I demoed it correctly). With this title players aren’t pulling up Google to see where to plant wheat.

    The same of Hay Day could be said for Candy Crush Saga, however, which is pulling in a slightly higher ranking, perhaps on the heels of their IPO talk.

    As a curiosity of adding Minecraft to the mix, you get this trend, which shows a huge mass of people typing Minecraft into that google search box, probably to see how to actually use Minecraft’s unintuitive crafting system.

    Angry Birds’s slowdown in Google Results was curious, so here’s the breakdown of a few of their latest titles, with the general Angry Birds search term, as well as Angry Birds Space, Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Angry Birds Go! in there.

    Top image: antb / Shutterstock.comk