Freespee Partners With Sponsormob

We caught some news right before the holidays: the Swedish advertising technology specialist Freespee announced a partnership with Sponsormob from Germany, a mobile advertising company. Together they will offer performance-based mobile advertising to companies with call-centres.

On mobile, the partnering company Sponsormob, has done click-to-call advertising on an performance basis. Together, the companies have found mobile an ideal environment for call advertising, where clients only have to click on a button on a landing page and can be directly connected to the advertiser’s call center. The benefits of Click-to-Call include a high sales conversion rates and the opportunity to up-sell customers during phone calls with a physical person.

Certain verticals are more promising for call advertising than others. Click-to-Call works best in service verticals such as banking, insurance, education, finance, health and beauty. Travel, telecommunications, and other utilities also do well, but Freepsee claims online stores with call centers can also benefit from call advertising.

Freespee offers call monetization technologies for the advertising industry. Using the Freespee API, local search and classified publishers can increase their advertising performance and media value

Freespee was founded in 2008 in Uppsala, Sweden, and has offices in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Berlin.