Freespee Receives €3.3 Million For Click-To-Call Advertising Solution

    Freespee, the Swedish call advertising startup, yesterday received a €3.3 million round led by Sunstone Capital. The company offers location-based, mobile click-to-call advertising and analytics, which is useful to connect customers to apartments or cars, rather than having them fill out a form. The funding will be used to add customer development and support resources, establish commercial headquarters in London, and expand their development center in Uppsala.

    The company is also pushing out its own mobile advertising solution, called Freespee Ads. If you have an app with a search solution, you could integrate Freespee Ads and then connect people who are searching for plumbers with plumbers (for example). Their solution allows companies to connect with customers in real time by combining click-to-call rich media ads, access to location data, and call filtering tools.

    Freespee says that their call traffic has increased fourfold since 2011, and they have several open positions in Uppsala and Berlin.

    “We are very excited by the opportunities in mobile click-to-call advertising, and how it can fundamentally change the way both small and large service businesses buy advertising in the mobile era,” says Carl Holmquist, Founder and CEO of Freespee in a press release. “In the pilots we have conducted this year, our customers have experienced their first instance of proven and reliable return on mobile advertising spend. We look forward to making Freespee Ads available to enterprise and business owners throughout Europe.”